Temporary Autonomous Art 2022

Programme (updated sort-of-regularly)

Secret London venue – call 07951 878055 during event dates for location!

Gallery and social space open throughout – Each evening dedicated to a different discipline.
PLEASE NOTE: we will not be letting anyone in after 11pm, our crew will need some rest!

Thursday 6th

Event open 5pm-11pm
From 7pm: films / spoken word / acoustic music

Please turn up 6-7pm to arrange a 10-20 min slot.
Spoken word slots will be between 8-10pm

Confirmed acts: Yossi, Selvian, Matt Bromfield, Sophie Macaroni,
Alice Karveli, Young Sage and Dom Irritant

Acoustic music from Jordan Playfair

Performance in bar space from London Butoh Dance Companu


Friday 7th

Event open 3pm-11pm
From 7pm: live music from:


"anarchistwood defy description. Live they are a prank rock theatrical experience with face paint, costumes and props creating an assault on the senses. On record they are way beyond the average punk rock and anarcho punk boundaries. In this way I think they do a great job of reinvigorating the “be yourself and be different” ethos of early punk rock." 

Shifty Poles

Proto & post-punk with synthwave – infused with psych


Beatbox champion returns to amaze and entertain!
Flowcase BBX Champ2018🏆 Midlands BBX Champ2012🏆 UK Beatbox Vice Champ2012/15/18


Post funk dub punk


Acoustic singer-songwriter


Mark my Words

Hip hop producer / vocalist. One half of @thelabcatz. Boom Bap rap cats in lab coats.

Saturday 8th

Event open 1pm-11pm
From 5:30pm: trashion show / cabaret

Expect the unexpected with a glorious trashion runway show followed by a veritable variety of performance oddities and treats!


Flamenco band and dancer

Joe Butoh
Newspaper Man - Physical Comedy / Clowning / Heartfelt / Tender

Apple & Morganic
Dirty Bertie - upbeat narrative storytelling

Huge Silly Toe
Brocolli-based exploration of poetic philosophy with elements of strip tease, clowning and political speech making

Dott Cotton
Contortion clown

Agents of the Lexicon
Honk n Screech were playing the DIY punk freak-hop weirdcore circuit when Double Microwave threw them into a melted mixtape

Space Pirates
Audience roast, a failed stand-up

La Chiva
Punked showtunes performed in an ecstatic neo-shamanic queer expressionist cabaret style

Sexy gay dance tunes

Sissy Misfit
Industrial hardcore / dance / singing / theatrical / transfemme performer


Electronic AV jam session 3-5pm

Crux logoEsther Splett for CruxBring your laptops, synths and gadgets (or video projectors) along to join in the AV jam session during the Crux takeover!
We are also planning to set up some instruments for you to play with if you just want to try it out :)

There will also be a workshop on how to jam with electronic music and video starting around 2pm.
Parallel Action for CruxElectronic AV performances 7-11pm

With live performances from: Esther Splett, BALTEX, Parallel Action, Borc ov Sum a va (and assistance from Amousement and Stormfield)

Click the links or read more about these artists over on the Crux website!


Workshops and talks across all days:

*** please double-check the times on the day ***


Fantasy scenarios for fun and work (6pm-8pm)

Experiment with plotting and playing narrative based BDSM sessions or creatively sexy scenes. Chat practices, ethics and risks mitigation with lovers, hookups and clients. Attempt to Subvert normatively gendered roles and desires (and learn to enjoy defeat).

If you can, bring an accessory / prop.


Making electronic music (and performance) on the cheap (7pm-8pm)

The team from Crux explore the options out there in 2022 for people wanting to make electronic music productions or performances on a budget. This could involve your voice, instruments you already play or a building a new setup from scratch and there should also be something of interest for existing musicians looking for new inspiration.


Sketchy community radio (5pm-7pm)

Become a rad radio star in two hours! A DIT radio skill-share, with the rowdy sex workers station Radio AvA and London’s notorious activist radio Dissident Island. Script, record, host and make a radio show or podcast from scratch. With jingles on!

Bring a usb with some tunes, and headphones if you got them.


Accountability workshop for Kids by Space Pirates (5-6pm)
Accountability workshop for Adults by Space Pirates (6-7pm)

Space Pirates Introduce the Pirate’s Code

Do you want to learn about consent and accountability? Do you want to learn how Space Pirates are going to collaborate on opening squatted social centers in the coming months? The Pirate’s code is very simple to learn and can be easily understood by anyone.

These two 1-hour workshops run back-to-back and introduce the Space Pirates Code: The fundamental framework which Space Pirates use to collaborate. Each workshop is suitable for adults and children alike. The first one is slightly more tailored to kids (5-6pm) and the second one to adults 6-7pm.

The Pirate’s Code presents a visual framework based on the original Consent & Accountability framework consentframework.org The workshop itself is quite abstract explaining only *what* the framework is, so we will wrap up by working through a few examples as a group to understand better *how* it works and *why* its useful. It will probably change your life!



Disaster Anarchy: Mutual Aid and Radical Action (2pm-3pm)

Anarchists have been central in helping communities ravaged by disasters, stepping in when governments wash their hands of the victims. Looking at Hurricane Sandy, Covid-19, and the social movements that mobilised relief in their wake, the workshop will focus on the role of collective solidarity in an increasingly dangerous world. I will introduce the workshop drawing on research from my recent book, Disaster Anarchy: Mutual Aid and Radical Action

You can read more about my book here and an open access version is available free online (link on request), but you do not need to have knowledge of the book to participate in the workshop. I will facilitate a discussion of participants' experiences of mutual aid during the pandemic and beyond, and draw on my own knowledge from 7 years research into state recuperation/co-optation and repression of mutual aid, to produce collective knowledge about where we go and what we do next in order to keep mutual aid radical.


Jamming with electronic music (and video)

Join us in the Crux audio-visual jam session space to find out how you could take part in electronic jam sessions, what technology and equipment we use to make it work and how to create your own jams in real or virtual spaces.


Daimonics: How being like Elfs can help us in the fight against Techno Feudalism

A talk exploring how we can be inspired by extra dimensional entities to develop working tactics against our current digital overlords.  


Floristry from trash flowers drop-in for adults and kids (2pm-4pm)

Do you feel like an easy afternoon arranging flowers and plants rescued from the trash? Would you like to design an art piece reflecting the decay of our capitalist prison-island? Or do you just feel a bit of pottering about in a gallery space? Come to the trash flower desk with plenty of plants to go around where you can arrange flowers, cross-contaminate ideas or just chill out and have something to fiddle with. 


Should we abolish the media? (3-4:30pm)

A facilitated discussion to ask: what’s the future of journalism in an anarchist society? If investigative journalists ‘hold power to account’, what do we do with them when nobody is powerful? How will information be communicated and will we need journalists for that? This workshop will explore the possibilities for journalism in a world where The Media no longer exists.

@vicparsons_ on instagram and twitter


Beanpig puppet workshopBeanpig puppets workshop (3pm-4:30pm)

Beanpig puppetry is a queer puppetry collective that believes in the life of all things, that change and transformation are possible, in the body and in the world around us. Join Beanpigs for a puppetry workshop that explores surrealist narrative storytelling and making your own puppets. Ending in a puppet jam/performance.

Bring along any objects you feel a connection with, bits of trash, friends animate and inanimate.

insta handle: @beanpigpuppets


Create your own subvertisement! (3-5pm)

Come down, socialise and create your art on adverts liberated from bus stops - with your finished creations put back up in Londons' bus stop ad spaces!

Kill the Bill Prisoner Solidarity Workshop (4:30pm-6pm) 

In Spring 2021, protests against the new PCSC (Policing, Courts, Sentencing & Courts) bill took place all over the country, but ended in notoriously violent scenes in Bristol. Since then, 21 activists have been handed severe prison sentences - with another 40 awaiting trial and 70 under investigation - for standing up for our rights and defending themselves against police brutality.

Prison is an incredibly isolating place, and contact from the outside means so much. Join us at the TAA to write letters, make cards and channel all our love and rage into something tangible we can send to everyone that’s been stolen from us by the state. Let’s show these comrades that we are with them, we won’t forget and we won’t give up the fight! This is solidarity in action.

Rap therapy with TheRAPutix collective (4:30-5pm)

TheRAPutix collaborated to devise a foundational concept- grounded within Rap Therapy. Entailing a mix of hip-hop, self-actualisation and enquiry we find our project wrapped up in confidence building, interpersonal animation games and group cypher sessions.

This applied form of Spoken Word has been encompassed by community development around current affairs, derived from “ongoing intersectional systemic oppressions” (Freire . P) and learning gained in practice.


Anti-Raid workshop imageResisting Immigration Raids (7pm-8:30pm)

Newham Anti Raids is a grassroots, non-hierarchical group who have been building community resistance to immigration raids in the London Borough of Newham since 2018. They are an abolitionist group working towards a world without borders, police, prisons and camps, and an anti-racist group who recognise that border violence is targeted at oppressed, racialised and otherwise marginalised people.

The 'Resisting Immigration Raids' workshop will give an overview of immigration raids and the law surrounding them, and then focus on some practical ways that we can resist when the Home Office come into our communities. Content note: the workshop contains references to state violence, immigration detention, trafficking and other related topics.

Trashion show costume making (all day)

Screen printing - across all three days

Bring your own t-shirt to get it screen printed by Sonder Print and Dystopia (for suggested donations). 


For all workshops, please double-check the times on the day*

* It's still subject to minor changes too x

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