Temporary Autonomous Art BRIGHTON

18 NOVEMBER 2023

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TAA Brighton - 18 November 2023 flyer image

TAA Brighton - 18 November 2023 info text

Saturday 18 November 2023

A day & night event over two venues


1pm - Official gallery opening at:

The Unit – 18a Tichborne St, BN1 1UR

Open until 8pm

Spoken Word!



7pm until 2am:

Upstairs at the Caroline of Brunswick – 39 Ditchling Rd, BN1 4SB

£5 on the door

Open mic +
Arcanic Cabaret:

Will Helm Rightly
Puppet Alan Watts
Nat Arcanic


Stacey Cohen
The Ducks - a weird and absurd punk DIY music & art collective, from the gentrified shores of Brighton.
"They are the new poison in the human machine and their dischord is a rare beauty in these twitching times" - John Robb, Louder Than War



All proceeds going to The Brighton Junk Food Project Charity!


“We’re tired of the oppressive constraints of a system, put in place by the powers that be.

We choose the power of our own conscious creation, over the monotonous corporate realm.

This is a platform for all artists who may benefit from this synergy, to explore and co-create this space for manifestation.

Bound by values of respect, kindness and curiosity. Will you join us in planting seeds of new ideas and co-create a new future?”

Hope to see you there!



Temporary Autonomous Art LONDON

20-22 OCTOBER 2023

Respect ~ Solidarity ~ Community -  FOR THE WEIRDOS, BY THE WEIRDOS ...  DIY OR DIE !

TAA London - autumn 2023 - pre-flyer image

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What is a TAA?

TAA is an underground festival of creativity that has been taking over venues across the UK since 2001. It was an initiative by Random Artists to use free-party tactics to open temporary arts and social spaces in occupied and often derelict buildings.

TAA exhibitions are creative spaces that are organised and constructed by the artists themselves. They operate under an open-access policy, meaning everyone is free to exhibit their work or perform.

Time-honoured art forms sit comfortably amongst digital work, sculptures, installations, films, performance and music. We encourage artists and audience to find their own level of creative involvement and believe that all of our voices are equally important.

This not only opens the doors to a no-cost space to exhibit within but also encourages first-timers and the artist within us all. All contributions are welcome and there is no celebrity here – our aim is to break free of the sterile nature of traditional galleries and instead create a space which removes barriers between art, artist and audience.


TAA London 2022 flyer back



Previous events...


Temporary Autonomous Art – LONDON

28-29 April 2023

TAA London spring 2023 image


Temporary Autonomous Art – LONDON

6-8 October 2022

Temporary Autonomous Art – LONDON

7-9 October 2021

Here's an awesome documentary made at the 2021 20th anniversary event:



Temporary Autonomous Art – LONDON

26-28 September 2019


TAA London 2019 final flyer design



Tiny TAA web flyerTiny TAA

One-day Temporary Autonomous Art event in London!

Saturday 22 June 2019








Temporary Autonomous Art – LONDON

2-6 May 2018

Random Artists, cohorts and comrades gathered in the Big Smoke for a freewheeling open-access art festival extravaganza. It was stressful but also rewarding, and a crazy time was had by all!


TAA London 2018 flyer front



Random Artists present 'Home'

28-29 October + 1-4 November 2017

The Random Artists collective presents an opportunity to be part of a new and themed art show inspired by the universal term HOME.

Random Artists present Home - Oct/Nov 2017

HOME is where the art is!


Temporary Autonomous Art
LONDON: 29 March – 1 April 2017


TAA London 2017 flyer front

TAA London 2017 flyer back


Random Artists present...

Random Artists present… flyer front

Random Artists present… flyer back

Random Artists present… flyer inside

Twin events in Bristol – May 2016!

Wed 18 – Sat 21 May 2016



R A V E –  Random Audio Visual Exhibition
Fri 20 May – Sat 21 May 2016

The Island, Old Bridewell Police Station, Bristol BS1 2LE

Flyer for RAVE 20-21 May 2016



TAA letter sign



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