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Open-access art explosion with gallery space alongside
performance | music | film | talks | workshops

SECRET LONDON VENUE TBA (check back during week of event)
Free entry (donations appreciated)

Opening hours: 5pm-11pm Weds-Fri + 2pm-11pm Sat/Sun

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TAA exhibitions are creative spaces that are organised and constructed by the artists themselves. They operate under an open-access policy, meaning everyone is free to exhibit their work or perform. Time-honoured art forms sit comfortably amongst digital work, sculptures, installations, films, performance and music. We encourage artists and audience to find their own level of creative involvement and believe that all of our voices are equally important.



The gallery is open throughout + social space and refreshments

Our evening entertainment programme from 7pm each day:

Wednesday – People's kitchen / opening night

Come and chow down on some free delicious vegan food as we open the show!


Thursday – Spoken word / acoustic music / film screenings


Helen Nichols
Alice Ross
Serena Boheimer


Efa Supertramp
Chuck SJ Hay

More music and spoken word lineup to follow –  this will feature an open mic section, but email us beforehand to book a place and be on the programme!

We have two important screenings happening on this evening:

An exclusive screening of a feature documentary
The Children of the Noon
+ Q&A with the director Olga Pohankova

18:30 - 20:30

The Children of the Noon posterThe Children of the Noon deals with the universal subject of life. The time passes marked out by daily activities for the group of children and teenagers in the orphanage in Nchiru, the small Kenyan village. Soon emerges how orphan condition and genteel poverty they share are not the only problems that unite them and determine their days. A sudden death of one of them breaks the narrative rhythm and changes all points of view intertwining a dense web of pains and joys, friendships and hopes.

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Trailer: https://vimeo.com/97657714
More info: www.thechildrenofthenoon.com

An exclusive screening of thought-provoking feature documentary Accidental Anarchist + a short doc Small Protests
20:30 - 22:30

Accidental Anarchist posterAccidental Anarchist is a feature-length documentary about one man’s remarkable journey: from diplomat to anarchist; insider to outsider. The film follows Carne Ross’ rebellion against the establishment and his discovery of a new form of politics that couldn’t be more relevant for these turbulent times.
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Trailer: https://vimeo.com/199834602
More Info: http://www.accidentalanarchist.net/

Small Protests is a multi-award winning short by Zillah Bowes: With nothing but a toothbrush in his back pocket, 19 year old Rabbit decides to change the world one protest at a time.

The screening is free but donations are warmly encouraged and will be directly passed on to the filmmakers.


Friday – Live performance


Kate KnowlesKATE KNOWLES - Slug Love
SexEd for/from the leopard slug, using music, movement and audience participation.


VENDETTA VAIN - Taking the Piss

GLITTASPHYXIA - Patriotic Touch

JIZMIK HUNT - Jizmik Hunt




Saturday – Live music

From 7pm we have live bands in one room and live electronic music and visuals in another!

Old Street Studios present:
Hotdoggrrrl and the Sesame Buns
Mina Minae
Poisonous Cunt

Crux Audio-Visual present:
Laura Netz


Sunday – Hangover lunch club + cinema evening

Come and recover from the night before with a potlatch bring+share lunch club and enjoy some short films and features in the evening.

The workshops and gallery will continue, although some work will start being removed...


Throughout the week we have a number of different talks, discussions and practical workshops:

Workshops at the TAA (more tbc)

- The English Prostitutes Collective Talk

- Clowning workshop with Gen

- How to pull random objects out of your vagina with Glittasphyxia.

- VJing workshop with Ronin

- Morning GloryThrill: Sunday Morning Wake-Up Call (a cheesy exercise class which might not be that good for you, by morning we mean afternoon)

- Life Drawing Sessions with Radical Aesthetics

- Subvertising Workshop with Special Patrol Group in collaboration with Hogre, Illustre Feccia and YY.

The main event as part of this aspect of the programme is:

DIY and Autonomous Spaces Symposium

TAA London 2018 Saturday 5th May 2-6pm

Nazima Kadir (Anthropologist) – Title / Description of Talk TBC
Nazima is the author of The Autonomous Life? Paradoxes of Hierachy and Authority in the Squatters Movement in Amsterdam. She spent 3.5 years living in Amsterdam’s squatter community, and examined what people say versus what they do.

Peter Bloom (Open University) – Disruptive Freedom: The Possibility of ‘Anarchism 4.0’
The talk will examine how emerging "future tech" can be used to disrupt and revolutionize capitalist relations to anarchist values, particularly around expanding the potentialities of everyday liberation.

Advisory Service for Squatters – Squatting is Still Legal (Sometimes): Practical Squatting Skill Share.
Squatting in commercial buildings is still legal (and possible) in the UK – whether your interested in squatting for housing, activist occupations or just staging an event/party, A.S.S will be talking about the current situation of the squatting scene in London and be able to offer practical squatting advice. Advisory Service For Squatters is an unpaid collective of workers who have been running a daily advice service for squatters and homeless people since 1975. ASS publishes The Squatters Handbook, the fourteenth edition of which is the current one, and has sold in excess of 150,000 copies since 1976.

Wolfgang Sterneck – CREATE FREE SPACES * A talk on Alternative Culture and Visions of Change *
This multi-media presentation explores free cultural spaces in the cracks of the system: alternative communities, creative activism, squatted houses, holistic eco-villages, psychedelic cybertribes, free festivals...
The talk addresses inner and outer free spaces, visions and realities: How do you want to live? Where are our free spaces?
Wolfgang Sterneck (Frankfurt / Berlin) is a socio-cultural activist and writer of several books on alternative culture.
www.sterneck.net - www.freeculturalspaces.net

Sam Burgum (Sheffield University) - Squatting the Crisis: Distributions of the Sensible from Grenfell Tower to the Home Front
Why were calls to ‘requisition’ and ‘occupy’ empty private property for accommodating survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire so quickly dismissed? Normative distributions of property entitlement, responsibility, as well as voice and appearance were quickly reasserted; and yet, through an historical comparison, it can be shown that such an accepted ‘common sense’ approach is far from self-evident. On the one hand, the extension of government requisitioning powers to address the UK’s post-war housing crisis demonstrates the possibility of challenging entitlement norms, whilst on the other, the successes of post-war squatting suggest a politics of ‘forced entry’ which undermines accepted distributions of voice and appearance. Using seldom-studied archive data on the post-war squatters, this article contributes to contemporary understandings of squatting, whilst demonstrating the contingency of widely-accepted norms around private property, and offering an early critique of the narrow technical terms in which the official Grenfell inquiry is currently being cast.

We will finish the symposium with an open discussion about the future of radical DIY spaces and squatter/autonomous communities in London and beyond.



Come down and get involved

In some cases we will be accepting work up to and during the event so we are unable to provide a complete programme; though one will be drafted up and published closer to the event. We are looking for contributions to all aspects of the event: gallery, evening programmes, talks/workshops and general crew. Email: london@taaexhibitions.org


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